Baby Beef Wellingtons

7 oz puff pastry, thawed
1/3 cup boursin cheese at room temp
½ lb trimmed beef tenderloin cut into ½” cubes
salt and pepper
1 large egg, lightly beaten


1. Heat oven to 400*F. Season beef with salt & pepper.
2. On lightly floured surface, roll out pastry to a 7 ½ x 15 inch rectangle about 1/8 inch thick. Cut pastry into 1 ½ inch squares.
3. Spoon a ¼ tsp of the boursin cheese in center of each pastry. Place a piece of beef on top of the cheese (uncooked).
4. Fold the pastry over the beef and neatly tuck in the corners.
5. Arrange pastry seam side down on a large greased baking sheet. (you can freeze at this point)
6. Lightly brush each pastry with the beaten egg.
7. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until puffed and golden in color. Let cool slightly then transfer to serving dish.


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